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Ellen Page Appreciation Post

Ellen Page is a Canadian actress who is well known for her lead roles in Juno and Whip It, although her IMDB page boasts more than 30 film and TV credits. The now 27 year old shocked many on Valentines Day when she publicly came out at a Human Rights Campaign conference for educators and counselors who work with LGBTQ youth. Many were not at all surprised to hear of her sexuality as many have had her on their gaydar for a long time. Even though, Ellen Page’s coming out speech was an incredibly well worded, well thought out, emotional, inspirational one. 

In her speech she spoke of the difficulties and suffering that comes from being in the closet. She spoke about how hiding who you truly are can affect your relationships, your spirit, your mental health and your happiness. It was obvious during her speech that she was nervous and unsure. She had a clenched jaw and fist, she bounced and rocked. All leading up to the sentence that undoubtedly was a life changer for her to say “…and I am here today because I am gay”. The crowd cheered and applauded as Page took some deep breaths to recover from what I imagine was something she had stressed over for years. 

It was obvious that this was not an easy speech for her to give. It was almost comforting to see someone so famous, so well off, so successful have the same struggles that so many LGBT youth do. 

Ellen Page coming out may not have been big for some, I mean, didn’t we all kind of suspect it anyway? But for others, it was incredibly important. To be young and watch as someone you admire opens up to the world about who they are can be incredibly inspiring. 

I loved her speech because you could see and feel her pain and her nerves. You knew that this was something she has honestly struggled with. She knew she was risking her career but chose to come out anyway. I admire her strength and I am inspired by her pride. 

If you haven’t yet watched her speech, you can do so here. It takes about 9 minutes but it is such a phenomenal speech, it had me in tears and made me feel so, so very proud of who I am. 

Why is her coming out so important? The same reason any celebrity coming out publicly is important. As we move forward as a world we are beginning to see LGBT people represented on television. Which is fantastic, but, the actors are usually straight and are portraying a struggle they’ve never really had and while I love seeing the world open up and allowing lesbians and such on television, you know that it’s not real. It’s not someones true struggle or emotion, it’s all been written by someone and acted by someone who is getting paid to be gay. When someone like Ellen Page comes out, there are young girls in the middle of republican city with homophobic families and fear in their hearts who see that being gay really is okay. They are able to identify with a real person, who is openly sharing their struggles. It is so very important to be able to make a connection like that when discovering who you are or coming out. They’re able to see it and think “If Ellen Page can be successful, loved and gay, why can’t I?”. 

Thank you to Ellen Page for coming out and being proud and inspiring young girls across the world! We are so very honored and proud to have you in our community. 

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